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Posted on 02 Sep 2005 by Zopa

Finally, we’ve got the Zopa blog up and running!

This will be a space to hear about the latest developments at Zopa, what we’re up to inside the company and occasional comments on other things going on in the world. Over the coming months we’ll also be using it to introduce you to the Zopa team…scary thought I know, but trust me, it’ll be OK.

Zopa has been live for 6 months now, so we’re just about past our crawling stage, and starting to stagger around on 2 feet. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the next few months as we continue to grow and more and more people hear about us - we believe that Zopa is a truly world changing idea, and apparently at least another 24,000 people agree with us! (which is nice)

Check back here often for updates, or use the buttons over there on the right to subscribe to a news feed of new posts - sort of like a blog take away.

One of the best bits about Zopa is hearing our members’ feedback - we’ve been doing a lot of listening recently, but if you’ve got something you just need to get off your chest, you can email us at - and we’d love it if you did.

Thanks for coming and looking at our little site - I hope you like what you see!

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