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Zopa's going away....but we will be back

Posted on 23 Sep 2005 by Zopa

It’s just one of those things a growing company has to do from time to time - we’re moving our servers from where they live right now to somewhere just as cosy and secure, but a little bigger. With a better view.

What this is means is that the Zopa website will be unavailable from 11pm next Tuesday - 27th of September. We should be up and running again by Wednesday morning, but you know how these things are. This blog is maintained on a separate server, so won’t be affected - you can check back here if Wednesday morning comes and Zopa isn’t looking like it should!

UPDATE: Well, we were off the air for slightly longer than we wanted to be, but everything should be ship shape and bristol fashion now. You might find that you still see the ‘Site unavailable’ screen, if you do, you can access Zopa by clicking here and signing in as normal.

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