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Open (almost) all hours

Posted on 23 Dec 2005 by Zopa

Even Zopa needs a break, so we’re not going to be operating our normal staffing levels over the next few days.

On the down side, this means it might take a little longer than normal to respond to your emails and deal with your lending or borrowing. On the up side, that means you can go back to your mince pies and Christmas pudding and not worry about boring money for a little longer.

Here’s what’s happening:

24th Dec - We’re around, but not many of us. 25th - 27th - Completely closed. Sorry. 28th - 31st - We’ll be doing a little, but not a lot. 1st - 2nd - Closed. Again. I know - slackers. 3rd - All back to normal.

Hope that’s all OK?

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