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DIY Zopa!

Posted on 26 Jul 2006 by Zopa

A little while ago I wrote a post that talked about what the blog and discussion board were for. In the comments to that post, we got talking about a Zopa wiki. (Wikipedia link on wiki’s)

I thought it might be a good (and at the very least, interesting) idea to create a Zopa wiki that was a space for us and our members to help answer questions that other members have about Zopa.

Of course, we already have a Zopa help section but in my opinion, it’s not that great! After all, it’s just our opinion about what questions our members might have, and it’s our attempt at answering our questions.

So - as a trial, I’ve created the Zopa wiki!

As I mention on the discussion board thread it does look a bit dodgy at the moment, but if it takes off, then we’ll upgrade to make it look like the rest of Zopa, get rid of the ads etc etc.

Please go and have a play - you’ll need the wiki password (zopawiki) to edit pages, but that’s all.

Have fun!

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