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Posted on 22 Dec 2006 by Zopa

Whenever we’ve had Zopa swag to give away, we’ve always been inundated with requests for some of it. Sadly, generous as we would love to be, Giles stops us from giving every member a t-shirt, so we can’t help everyone who wants to demonstrate their love for us.

Anyway, member penandme suggested over on the board that we have a Zopa shop, where you could buy lovely Zopa branded merchandise.

You ask, we obey (sometimes), and so there is now a rather splendid Zopa shop open for your purchasing pleasure.

We’ve got mouse mats and mugs, t-shirts, and even some tasteful boxer shorts! What more could you ask for?

Alas it’s too late for Christmas 2006, but why not beat the crowds and stock up for next year?

(Also, we’re not making as penny from these….although we might increase the prices soon and give the profits to charity - get in there now!)

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