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Yummy treats at Zopa

Posted on 09 Aug 2010 by Adam

Here at Zopa we like to try weird and wonderful things.

In July our nice friends at Gu sent our weight in chocolately treats, which we all very much enjoyed.

Then on Friday we had a nice surprise from @loudmouthman who brought us a rather odd surprise in the form of Marmite Chocolate (Yes, you heard right. Marmite Chocolate!) which was made just for him by @mrsimmshorsham.

However odd it may sound, it was in fact rather yummy! (Though Steve may say the opposite!)

Nic recorded a video of his day out in London with the chocolate which you can see our reactions at the end.

So, Marmite, love it or hate it?

We do love to try new things here at Zopa, so if you have something you want some honest feedback with (or just fancy sending us a yummy present) please pop us an email or give us a call.

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