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Let's get physical with some free member cards!

Posted on 13 Aug 2010 by Adam

If you’re a Zopa member, we hope you’ve noticed the Tell A Friend page in your Zopa account where you can share the wonders of Zopa with your online friends (and earn a tasty bonus for your trouble).

We have a number of ways that you can share Zopa online from Social Sharing Tools (those Twitter and Facebook icons you’ve seen about the site) to banners that you can display on your website or profile, and we even wrote an article on how to create your own Facebook Campaign. But we’ve realised that all these things are out there in the ether, we have nothing physical or tangible to offer your friends and family.

So to bring back physical sharing we’ve teamed up with our good friends over at who have put on a special offer for us and you! They are offering all Zopa members 50 free MOO cards, all you need to pay is the postage and packaging at £3.

To get yours, head over to MOO using this special link and start creating your business cards. The great thing with MOO cards is that one side of each card can have it’s own image, so you don’t need to have the old generic ‘business cards’ where every one is the same. The only bit that will be the same is the back which will contain the text and most importantly your personal referrer code. When you come to adding the text, feel free to be creative. Write what ever you feel best describes Zopa that will help encourage people to sign up. But don’t forget to add your unique referrer link to earn your rewards which can be found over here.

Once you’ve completed your order, it’ll only be a matter of time before you can start handing out your new physical sharing tools to anyone and everyone, your brother, postman, and the nice couple at number 22!

If you’re stuck for images to use, we’ve added some below made just for the MOO cards so all you need to do is save them (Right click, Save Link As - Or Click the image to open it, then save) then upload them into MOO when you’re putting the cards together.

Free Zopa Yellow CardsFree Zopa Green CardsFree Zopa Cards

As they are free, we have had to limit to only one pack per household and each card comes with a small watermark on the front bottom saying “Make money by lending with Zopa Cards by”.


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