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Zopa's marvellous Marmite giveaway!

Posted on 16 Aug 2010 by Adam

Roll up, Roll up!

Zopa is holding its very own marvellous Marmite giveaway tomorrow!

Starting from 10am we will be announcing one question, every hour until 5pm.

The questions will be posted both here, and on our Twitter @Zopa

To enter, all you need to do is submit your answer via a comment below or via an @ or DM message on Twitter. Once the next question is submitted we won’t accept entries for the previous question - A winner for each question will be selected at random by our unique winner selecting machine, conveniently named “Jenny’s Hat”.

“What do I win?” I hear you yell. Well, my curious little nipper, you must have heard about the day we had Marmite chocolate? Each lucky winner will win their very own bar of the chocolately Marmite goodness, and some Zopa stickers!

Good luck!

Question One: What happened in the year 1066? A: We were after the Battle of Hastings, although lots of things did indeed happen!

Winner: @jambag

Question Two: Which staff member is pictured with Giles in our Facebook Album ‘Money Wise awards’? A: It was indeed the ‘lovely’ Briony

Winner: @smokingadjoint

Question Three: What colour does #bada55 produce? A:

A lovely lime green

Winner: @dave_p_marshall

Question Four: According to our website, how many staff currently work at Zopa HQ? A: 26 - although the meet the team page only has 25 - we’ll accept either!

Winner: @charlotte_hs

Question Five: Who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest? A: It was indeed Junko Tabei

Winner: @RQuadling

Question Six: What disaster did Zopa face in July? A: The toilet seat disaster, of course!


Question Seven: What special flavour of marmite was released for Valentine’s Day 2008? A: Champagne flavour

**Winner: @babelmonk **

Question Eight: Send us your most random fact, the best one will go in the newsletter and win some marmite chocolate…

**Winner: @alsutton ** With his answer: Cows will only walk up stairs and not down them and so can get trapped in your bedroom

If you didn’t get a change to win, you can always pick yourself up some Free MOO cards as a little prize instead! - Head on over to the post to see the details.

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