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Caption Competition

Posted on 26 Aug 2010 by Adam

On Tuesday a few of the Zopa team went out for a few evening lemonades to say farewell to Jenny.

It was an enjoyable night, and while sipping at our lemonades I popped out my camera to take some pictures of our merry crew for our Facebook Page, and one photo in particular deserved a post of its very own. In fact we thought it deserved a competition of its own since it has been a week since our last competition, the Marmite Giveaway!.

So on that note, we bring you our Caption Competition.

We have a lovely photo below of Briony and Myself, both pulling a questionable expression, now all you have to do is give it a caption, or try and guess what we were talking about for us to have this expression on our faces.

To enter, all you need to do is leave us a comment with your caption, we’ll then pick our favourite out of the responses and the winner will win a pack of 90 Zopa stickers, and something extra, which is a surprise!

Since the weekend, and bank holiday is approaching we are going to let this run until Tuesday 31st August, this should give you all plenty of time to get your captions in!

Here’s the photo…

Happy captioning!


And the winner is….

Richard Quadling! With his entry:

“Briony practises her latest Vulcan mind control techniques. Adam is unmoved by the attempt.”

You prize is on its way over to you! - We won’t say what the surprise prize is just yet, we’ll wait till you receive it.

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