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Guest post - Why Zopa is cool

Posted on 01 Feb 2011 by Adam

We welcome our guest blogger and Zopa member Garrett.

Garrett has been a member of Zopa for a few years, His Twitter Bio says: Passionate about people, Dublin lad living in Glasgow play rugby for Clydebank and have my own business.

Why Zopa is so cool

When I moved to the UK I could not wait to start loaning money with Zopa, Coming from Ireland we did not have access to a system that allows you to take control of your finances in this way

If I have a good work day and win a new contract I can make a deposit and see this money grow and help others.

I love the youth loans section, I had people around when I was young to give me a hand and I can give back now by offering my best rates to the youth market.

I love the email I get every week, gives me a little boost to know my money is helping people and I can see it earn me a return.

I started my own business to offer outsourced sales to allow companies use my services to boost their sales when they need it, I feel Zopa allows me the same flexibility to do what I want to do with my money.

Just started on twitter @garramsay and spreading the Zopa word as fast as I can

Thank you, Garrett!

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