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Get your eyebolds trained on this! A behind-the-scenes look at Zopa’s first national TV ad

Posted on 13 Jul 2015 by Sara Feast

As you may have seen, Zopa is running its first ever national TV ad. It’s appearing daily between 8am and 6pm across Sky and Channel Four partner channels until July 20th.

In the ad, a waffle-spouting professor contrasts with sensible Zopa subtitles. This highlights how finance is often packed with jargon that makes it unnecessarily complicated, but that Zopa takes a far simpler approach.

Here the team behind the ad tells us more about the professor and why it is time for Zopa to advertise nationally:

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Why now?

As the team explains, the ad is designed to raise awareness of Zopa among potential borrowers.

Zopa has continued to put a lot of work into simplifying its loan application form making it faster and simpler to apply for a loan. Using over ten years of data, we’ve been able to automate more decisions and widen the acceptance criteria for borrowers.

This is great for people looking for a loan as more will be able to use Zopa, and great for lenders as their money will be lent out and start earning interest even quicker.

Now that we are ready for more borrowers, we wanted to raise awareness of Zopa as widely as possible across the UK.

“We’re really pleased with how it turned out,” said Gemma Newton, Marketing Project Manager at Zopa. “We think it’s attention-grabbing and gets across the product benefits in a witty and memorable way. It was quite hard to imagine how the script would come to life because so much of it is based on performance. Fortunately, the actor is excellent and everyone heaved a big sigh of relief after the first take.”

And if you haven’t seen the ad itself, here it is:

How terribly Zopa-duper.

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