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Zopa tips (pt 1)

Now, Zopa is a pretty simple idea to grasp (and hopefully a pretty simple site to use), but some people like things a little more complicated. Here are a few things you might not know about Zopa that can help you get more out of it – if you’re that way inclined. Which is just fine.

Firstly, you’ve probably seen the market screens when you sign in – where you can see important information about the Zopa markets. But you can also download two extra files – one is a weekly update of the markets, with more detailed information about demand and supply to help you price your loans better, and the second is a spreadsheet with transaction by transaction data on the markets that you can play with as much as you like.

Second up is a little tweak on the new My Lending screens you might not have spotted – if you click on the column headings you can sort the table by that column, click it again to sort the other way. Great for looking at how your lending offers stack up, or working out where your borrowers live. Go on, see what you can find out.

Lastly for now – lenders can click on the names of their borrowers to see more information about them. Where they live, how much they borrowed and for what. Also, many borrowers have picked pictures that represent their attitudes to money (and if you leave your pointer over the pictures for a second, you should see what the picture represents) and a message to you. This last feature is particularly amazing – many recent borrowers have chosen to leave a message to you, their lenders, and they’re worth a read.

Although these tips are more for lenders than borrowers, Zopa is great for everyone, and next time, I’ll be writing more about how to get the most out of Zopa if you’re more inclined to borrower rather than lend! OK…back to really important things, like the cricket!