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Zopa news bites

Just a quick round up of where Zopa’s been in the news lately – presented in one delightful place for your delectation.

Today The Motley Fool have decided that Zopa is a good idea after all and are recommending it to their readers – welcome if you’re one of them!

This month’s edition of Real Business magazine have an article on Zopa entitled "Zopa – it might just work"! I guess it might…. 🙂

We were name checked (on page 2 if you saw it!) by the FT back in August, and Business 2.0 wrote a short but sweet piece at the end of July. A much larger piece was featured in the Register back in July as well – and they described us as being "soaked in Googlesque post-corporate groovyness" – which we like the sound of!

We were in the press a lot when we launched, and there’s been a high level of interest in what we’re up to ever since. Keep checking back here to find out who’s been writing what…one of these days we might even find someone who doesn’t like us!