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Wonderous Worldly Web

Like a Las Vegas buffet, the WWW is a truly endless procession of the odd, the tasty and the downright bizarre.

Here are a few things we’ve found floating around on the net in the last few days.

So, Robert Ryang, a film editor’s assistant in Manhattan, enters a competition to recut a movie’s trailer into a different genre – he takes on The Shining, and the result is awesome (and won the competition, and got him noticed by a top Hollywood studio – nice work.)

Take a student, a homepage, and a need to not get into debt (See, there is a Zopa connection!) – put them together and you get the Million Dollar homepage! Talk about an idea…he’s over quarter of the way there – so why not buy some pixels and help him out?

Finally, ever wanted to send an email into the future? No? Well anyway, lets you do exactly that. Imagine sending yourself a reminder of someone’s birthday (or your own for that matter), or more intrigingly, sending yourself an email to be delivered in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years time….what would you write, who will be the you that receives it?

Anyway – enough mind bending – back to work! If you’ve got any interesting web sites you’d like to share – let us know in the comments…keep ’em decent though!