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Step forward…Karmarama!

Following on from Sarah’s post on where the Zopa brand came from, we thought it would only be polite to ask the guys behind part of it to speak for themselves…

Take it away, Tom, from Karamrama

We knew it was a match made in heaven from the moment we first met. Zopa a small firm with big ideas; Karmarama a small firm with big ideas. Zopa a bunch of forward-thinking, financial types; Karmarama a bunch of forward-thinking, creative types. Like Peter Andre and Jordan, it just felt like it was meant to be.

Our initial project was the development of Zopa’s tone of voice. Creating a brand from scratch is always exciting, and especially so with a concept as mind-blowing as person-to-person lending and borrowing. There was a sense of pressure as well, because we desperately wanted to articulate the Zopa concept and beliefs in a way that did justice to the energy and intelligence behind them.

We felt from the start that Zopa’s personality should incorporate a number of different characteristics; it’s important to be well-rounded after all.

So the style in which Zopa interacts with its members is conversational rather than formal, and personal rather than distant; Zopa is about individuals at the end of the day. And the language Zopa uses is intelligent but also playful, because straight-laced does get a bit tedious after a while doesn’t it? And unlike banks, Zopa respects its members by taking care to be courteous and also explanatory, because hidden charges and rudeness are just not cricket.

You’ll have come into contact with the Zopa personality on this here website and hopefully also through the advertising campaign that ran recently in The Guardian (although not that recently – this was back in the olden days when The Guardian was a broadsheet and little kids still played with hoops and sticks).

The ads use the creative device of avatars to represent Zopa members and thereby reflect the personal nature of lending and borrowing on Zopa. The avatars have a distinctive Zopa look and feel to them, and you’ll doubtless be seeing a lot more of them. We think they’re pretty cool looking illustrations, which in no way shape or form resemble Ku Klux Klansmen.

Anyway enough chitter-chatter – please email us on if you want to slag us off/sing our praises/talk about the weather/challenge us to a game of ping pong.