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The slightly new Zopa homepage

We’ve had a play with the Zopa homepage over the last few days – this is what we’ve been up…

Thumbnail Zopa homepage

The most obvious change is the rather red banner across the top! This is a space we’re going to be using to tell you about new promotions or major changes we’ve implemented. These are things that are so important, they have their own page explaining them – click on the banner to see more information.

Then, over on the left hand side, there will be a recent news quote, blog extract or some other little piece of juicy gossip we’ve heard on the grapevine – with a link through to the original article.

Finally, over on the right hand side, there is the one and only "Zopa bites ticker!" We’ll update this regularly with snippets of info that you might be interested in – click on the ticker to read more about the story that is displayed. Click ’em quick, ‘cos they won’t be there for long.

Hope that help – we’ll be introducing lots of new stuff over the coming weeks – keep checkng back here to find out about it all!