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Blogging Zopa from afar

Thankfully, I’m not the only one writing blogs about Zopa. Ever since we started way back in March, the blogosphere has had a lot to say about us – mostly good, sometimes intrigued, and occasionally perturbed. I thought it would be interesting to link to some other people who have discovered Zopa recently, and been kind enough to write about us.

Firstly, Alan Moore writes in that Zopa is a "business model of our times" – which we agree with (unsurprisingly), we think that Zopa is designed for people who are fed up with the status quo of banking, and are delighted to be causing as much disruption as possible!

Next up is Peter Cooper, who thinks, in his Weblog of an Information Junkie, that Zopa is a "really bold concept" – which is hopefully true, but in some ways, it’s also a very old concept. People have been lending and borrowing between themselves, in small groups, for centuries – what we’re trying to do is to bring that concept into the 21st century and online. I guess time will tell if we succeed!

Other recent links you might like to check out come from Trep Network, Mesh Finance and Unitus.

Thanks everyone – hope you come back and pay us another visit sometime.