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More lenders needed!

Zopa is a funny beast – sort of a pushmi-pullyu if you like. Sometimes we need more borrowers (to help our lenders), sometimes we need more lenders (to help our borrowers).

Currently – we’re after lenders. Why? Well, we’re about to launch a big campaign about having the lowest rates in the UK (Don’t believe us? Check out MoneySupermarket!) – which means we’re about to get loads of borrowers. Only right now, we don’t have enough lenders to lend to them all! 🙁

So – if you’re interested in earning a lovely rate of return on your money (and benefitting from the Zopa Lenders bonus), and earning the undying love and gratitude of hords of Zopa borrowers – send us your money now! It’s really easy, just join up, and follow the instructions to transfer your money to Zopa and place it on the markets. Go on, you know you want to.

And now I’ll get off my marketing soap box. Thank you.