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Now departing from platform 6

If you travelled into London over the last couple of weeks you might have seen some shady characters in Zopa fleeces standing at stations, handing out leaflets – well, don’t worry, it was only us…albeit rather chillier than normal.

We thought we’d try something different from this new fangled online marketing stuff, and actually go out and meet people…well, people going through Waterloo, Victoria and Paddington anyway.

We’re still working out exactly how effective the whole thing was*, but there was one immediate benefit – we managed to hand a leaflet to Robert Budden. And not just any old Robert Budden, but Robert Budden who works for the Financial Times, and he thought we were so interesting, he wrote a story about us.

Thanks Robert – next time we’re handing out leaflets, we’ll think of you.

  • You know – number of lovely new members vs. money spent on coffees to keep us warm