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Simple is as simple does

We’re spending a lot of time at the moment thinking about the next generation of Zopa – and as you might imagine, we have lots (and lots) of ideas about what we’d like ‘Zopa 2.0’ to be, what we’d like it to be able to offer members, and how it all might work.

But actually thinking up all this stuff is the easy bit. It turns out the hard(est) bit is to make it all usable for our members – simple but powerful is a terribly difficult combination of things to achieve. To be honest, I think we started out well – with the help of our friends at Pynk and Fluffy – but we’ve gone down hill over the last 6 months as we’ve been frantically adding in all the things we wanted to build for launch and never had the time or money to do so.

Anyway – this post was inspired by a great Fast Company article about the beauty of simplicity. When we pause, take a deep breath, and start to design Zopa 2.0 (and we’ve asked P&F to help us again so Tim and I don’t make it look like, er… this) we’re going to be working really hard on the simplicity angle. My personal belief is that Zopa is still at the ‘pre iPod MP3 player’ stage – lots of people thought that the concept of having all your music in your pocket was a great idea….but it took Apple to take that idea and make it truely usable. Today, Zopa is a bit like the Rio Diamond (but with nicer colours), tomorrow, we want to be the iPod. (Does that make any sense?)

What would you like to see Zopa make simpler? Are there things about the site today that just confuse the heck out of you? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can.