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Everybodys talking at me

We live in interesting times on the web.

Newspapers are writing blogs, bloggers are getting paid to write, and Zopa keeps getting talked about!

A recent collection of coverage begins with Zopa making a respectable Number 8 on the Times list of things to do with yout money in 2006, not bad, we’ll try harder for the number 1 spot in next years list.

Next up in the press world was a cracking story a couple of weeks ago in the Daily Mail – a full colour centre spread no less.

Meanwhile in blog land, Yasir’s blog? describes Zopa’s business model in an economic nutshell…

Connect “consumer” with “producer” in the most efficient and economical way

…while JJeffryes on Design compares us to another interesting company, Kiva. According to their web site, Kiva

provides a new, sponsor a business option for individuals to connect with small enterprises in developing countries through flexible loans.

Sounds fantastic – good luck!

(We’ve included them in our ‘cool sites’ blog roll as well)

UPDATE: Now we’re linked from Yasir’s wife’s blog as well! It’s all going circular…. 🙂 Hi Sabah!