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New kid on the block

You might have noticed that Zopa is no longer standing cold and alone in the online P2P finance space! As of yesterday we’re joined (albeit on the West Coast of the US) by As the "elder sibling" we welcome them with relatively open arms* and look forward to joining them in the San Francisco fog very soon.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Prosper and how you think they compare to Zopa. Our view is that both companies have strengths and weaknesses, and as they have surely learnt from our experience 🙂 we will in turn learn from them.

Hopefully, being the first in the market, and having an established business will mean that we soundly beat them, but I guess time will tell! In the mean time – place your bets!

UPDATE: Just to clear up any confusion – Zopa is in no way connected to Prosper and we intend to compete with them head on. Oh yes.

*Snark – At least we would if they unblocked our IP address from accessing their site…in the mean time we’re resorting to a web proxy! Yay – they unblocked us – thanks Andrew