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Site upgrade!

More good stuff is on it’s way right now as we upgrade the site.

For lenders – you can look forward to being able to lend the money in your holding account, even if it’s less than £500, by adding it to your most recent offer – this means that you can start earning a higher return on it by lending it to borrowers without having to wait for more repayments to come back in.

This is a start – over the coming weeks we’re going to be adding the ability to lend less than £500 from the very first time you join Zopa, and also to automatically relend the repayments you receive from borrowers – 2 much requested features.

Also released today is an improved member get member scheme – now it’s behind the sign in security, so we can pre-populate the email we send out to your friends and help you to spread the word about Zopa. This fits in really well with my previous post on ‘flipping the funnel’ – now go and use it! (And get paid for the privilege)