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Hocus pocus focus group

Over the last couple of months we’ve been running a series of focus groups in the UK and US, mainly with people to whom the Zopa concept was new, but also with a few existing members. We’ve been trying to work out why (indeed, if) people like Zopa, and how they’d like to see it develop. We’ve got some great feedback – and we thought we’d show you some short clips of the focus groups so you know we’re not making it all up!

This short video (about 10 mins, just over 9MB – apologies for the video and audio quality!) is an edited version of over 50 hours of focus groups, with some of the most interesting comments from all the people that attended.

What I find most interesting (Apart from the fact that everyone loves Zopa) is the variety of reasons people have for using us or liking us. There are incredibly technical people, who see Zopa as a very pure economic efficiency model, there are those who just like the idea of ‘shafting the bank’, those who just want to get the best rates (for lending or borrowing) and then there are those who love the idea of transacting with people, not a faceless, (and fat cat) bank!

Anyway – download it (You’ll need Quicktime to view it) and let us know what you think in the comments. And while you’re there, are we mad to put our research up on the web like this? I think it’s pretty unusual….but is it interesting / useful?