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If you’re going to San Francisco….

…we’ll be sure to wear some flowers in our hair!

Oh yes – we’re coming! Richard ("Yes of course I’ll write a blog post") Duvall and myself are heading out on Monday to kick off Zopa California, and Tim ("IT Guru") Parlett is coming out the following week to start building the Zopa magic mechanical adding machine. With his bare hands.

Watch out West Coast!

If anyone out there in internetland fancies catching up for a beer (or indeed has some recommendations for top hostelries in SF – it’s been a couple of years since I was last out there) drop me a line at or post in the comments and I’d be delighted to enjoy some American, and share some British, hospitality!

I think the phrase is "Woooohoooo"


UPDATE: We made it, and it’s raining like you wouldn’t believe. And there’s power cuts. Maybe we should try LA next time!