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Hello World!

Megan here from Zopa’s US team. I’ve jumped at the opportunity to share the experiences of our US team with all those who have helped to create and grow the platform in the UK, as well as those who are diligently following our movements as we begin to open up the platform to some new markets.

As promised, Dave and Richard landed in San Fran this week to a team that has been eagerly waiting their arrival. The time differences between the UK and US have turned out to work to our advantage; we have a 24-hour, round the clock team to maximize productivity – and it sure is nice! Much thanks to all those in the UK who are dialing in for those late night/early morning calls.

While we’ve managed to nail down a few low cost calls using Skype, those random/funky robot-like sounds coming from the UK’s end & our apparent “fish bowl” like voice quality have driven us back to the old fashion means of communication – the landline. While it’s sad to let go of Skype for the time being, boy is it great to hear some high quality voices on the other end!!

If there are general topics of interest that you’d like the US team to cover going forward (such as, what’s the UK team really like???), leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to cover it!