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It’s all talk.

What is?

The new Zopa discussion forum that’s what!

You can find this treasure trove of shining wit, sparkling conversation and informed debate by clicking here, which will be a relief to everyone who’s put up with my wittering here for the last few months!

I’ve been thinking about how to get Zopa members more involved with Zopa, and how we can make it easier to hear you. I thought about allowing some members to post on the blog, but I’ve been watching the Prosper discussion site since it launched, and decided that it was a better way.

Go have look and let me know what you think – either here, or on the discussion board! Suggestions for extra topics of discussion or anything else that doesn’t seem to work properly appreciated.

You’ll need to register on the board to start a new topic, but anyone can reply to existing topics. I’ll keep an eye on how this works and might change it later depending on how it goes.

For now, there is a permanent link over there on the right, under Zopa Chat, but hopefully if this works, we’ll add more links from around the site.

Have fun!