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Now we are 1.

Today is March 7th 2006. Not an auspicious day you might think, but you’d be (slightly) wrong.

1 year ago today, there was a small earthquake in world of financial services as Zopa launched into an unexpecting world. Despite lots of doubters, challenges and teething troubles, it’s now 1 year on, we’re still here…and stronger than ever!

Just to look back briefly (We prefer to look ahead on the whole), this is how the BBC reported on our launch, and earlier the same day, we’d got front page coverage in the Daily Telegraph!

A year later, and we’re still generating plenty of discussion (The Guardian wrote about us just last weekend), we’ve got over 50,000 registered members, we’re over on the West Coast of the US with a funded team looking to launch in Q2 and the UK business is looking great – and I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’.

Thanks to the Zopa team that built this fantastic company, thanks to everyone who’s worked with us over these last 12 months, thanks to those that are working, and will work, with us in America…and thanks to our members – as the cliche goes…we couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy Birthday Zopa – may this be the first of many.