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More funnel flipping

A little while ago I wrote about flipping the funnel, or encouraging our members to advocate Zopa. One suggestion was to use the social bookmarking site to promote Zopa.

Makoto (Thank you!) has come up with some more suggestions – firstly, a simpler way of listing Zopa and All you need to do is click here and you’ll be taken to the web site and asked to save the Zopa website. Type in a few tags to describe Zopa (suggestions – lending borrowing p2p finance social money exchange web etc) and hit save.

Makoto also suggested using Feedburner as a way of managing the RSS feed from the blog (What’s RSS? It’s a way of publishing and reading the blog without having to keep coming back to the website. You can read the Wikipedia article here). Advantages to using Feedburner are that you can configure it to add links to on every post, and also understand more about how people are using the RSS service.

Anyway – I’ve done it, and if you click on the the links over on the right, at the bottom of the side panel, or simple click here you can access the RSS feed. If you’ve using Firefox or Safari, it should jusy work, if you’re on Internet Explorer and don’t have a news reader installed, it won’t, but you’ll see a page that explains what to do!

Go on – bookmark us on or subscribe to the feed. It’ll be good for your soul.

UPDATE: If you’ve previously subscribed to the Zopa RSS feed, it would be great if you’d subscribe to the new feed URL as you’ll get the extra links as noted above, and it would really help me keep track of what’s going on 🙂 Strictly optional of course – the original feed isn’t going away.