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Todays (small) changes

Nothing too exciting about todays release I’m afraid, but for the sake of completeness I feel I should write something!

The major improvement is for new members – we’ve changed the identification rules that we use when you join Zopa so that if you say you want to be a lender, you are far more likely to be able to complete your identification online. This is because Zopa lenders only need to pass money laundering regulations – which are far less strict than the id checks we need to complete for borrowers.

Up until now we did this offline the following day – now lenders can join Zopa in one seamless journey – and using the new functionality from a couple of weeks ago, they can lend the same day! (As long as they remember to transfer funds in afterwards from their bank of course.)

The other changes are behind the scenes stuff to make it easier for us to give you a better service.

Dontcha love that? 🙂