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Weekend musings

Regular readers (Are there any of you out there?) will have noticed a hiatus in blog posts over the last couple of weeks – apologies.

2 main reasons: Firstly, I’ve been in San Francisco working on our US launch which isn’t conducive to spending a lot of time writing away on the blog, and secondly we’ve been thinking about a ‘blog strategy.’ (Words to strike fear into the hearts of any blogger I know….but bear with me.)

You see, this blog thing is actually quite popular. It gets about 500-600 visits per day, and it’s grown more popular every month since I started it back in September. But we’ve never had a particularly clear idea what it’s actually for. (And anyone who suggests it’s just a space for me to stand on soapbox and vent to the world can leave the room. Now. Thanks.) 🙂

So (I am getting to the point, I promise), all a blog strategy really means is – working out what we want to do with the blog, and doing it. Simple right?

This is where I’d love you to come in – what would you like us to do with the blog? What do you like, what bores you to death? If you were me, what would you do?

To get you going, here are a few questions and thoughts…

  • What are the different roles (and rules) of the blog and the discussion board?

  • How can we expand the conversation about P2P finance outside of Zopa?

  • Is it right for the blog (i.e. me, and other Zopa bloggers) to have an opinion on things, to take a stand, more explicitly than Zopa as a company?

  • What would you like to see the blog used for:

    • Information about things happening at Zopa

    • A perspective on the wider world of P2P finance

    • Stories from the Zopa team and Zopa members

    • Something else?

I’d love to see the Zopa blog continue to grow over the years, so setting the direction now is important.

Can you help?

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded a short powerpoint on my thoughts about all this – you can download it here. Thanks for your comments so far.