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It’s good to talk (to our members)

A few weeks ago, Justin and myself had a really great evening.

Not by ourselves, I hasten to add (Lest our our better halves be reading), but with a group of Zopa members.

I organised a ‘Zopa member dinner’ – the aim of which was to gather a group of really engaged members, ply them with decent food and wine, and get to the bottom of why they were so damn interested in Zopa. We had members who log in daily (Even i don’t do that!), members who have been in regular contact with us practically since we launched, and members who have commited large sums of cash to lend to complete strangers.

I had to investigate. And I needed a wingman.

So, the wine flowed, the conversation was great and the evening passed all too quickly. I’ve got pages of notes written up about all that we discussed, and we’ll be working some of the ideas that were mentioned into future development work. Many, many thanks to those who came. And to those who didn’t – there will be more!

What I was most amazed at though, was the number of questions these members still had about Zopa. People who have been members for a year, and log in with amazing frequency, still had so many things they wanted to ask, or check up about, or just get clear on.

So what must all the other members be thinking and asking and unclear on?!

The upshot of all this is – we’re thinking of providing some form of Q&A session with the Zopa team, and I want to know if you think that’s a good idea.

I’ve started a discussion thread about it over here but you can also respond in the comments in the blog if you’d rather.

Hope to talk to you soon! (And see the previous post for more communication related ideas as well.)

UPDATE: The link now works. Thanks philipg27!

UPDATE2: Justin has pointed me to a good little article on communities. Worth a read.