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Where’s Cliff?

So, despite the slightly daft heat we’re experiencing in London at the moment, many people are about to jet off to (possibly cooler) climes for their summer holiday, and I thought a few holiday money savings tips might be in order.

The first site to link to is a blog post by Zopa member rparker – on how online travel firms price discriminate based on how consumers search for holidays – fascinating stuff, and very well spotted!

If you’re pretty open minded about where to go, and just want a good deal, you could do worse than check out Kayak Buzz – this website looks at what trips other people are searching for, and what prices they find then allows you to copy them! It’s a bit haphazard, but can be fun seeing what other people are planning.

If you’ve got a clear idea about where and when you want to travel, take a look at the ITA software trip planner – not exactly a household name in online travel, but absolutely the most comprehensive database of air fares in the world. You can’t actually book anything through the site, but it’ll give you all the details you need to book the tickets either through a travel agent, or more likely, the airline itself. Particularly useful is it’s month long search – give it a route, and it’ll tell you the cheapest flights in a month long period.

Wherever you go, and however you get there, this summer – we hope you have a great time…and (Obligatory Zopa connection coming up) don’t forget you can get a great rate on a Zopa loan to pay for it! Enjoy 🙂

Oh – and if you have any travel hints – leave them in the comments. Ta.