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Mmmm….back to work


You go away to get married for a few weeks, and come back to find the blog’s been taken over by poisonous cous-cous (Yes I suffered as well…), dodgy ping pong films, crop circles and Zopa in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace……..

Thanks to Tom, Chris and Richard to filling in while I was away, but normal service will now be resumed 🙂

One of my to do items since I’ve got back is to make the office a nicer place to be – no mean feat as you’ll know if you’ve ever been to Zopa towers. We have a somewhat overcrowded, male dominated, non airconditioned, under toilet provisioned office…with a fridge that takes me back to my student days. Which isn’t a good thing.

In short, it’s not the worlds nicest office – but we want it to be. So, we’re clearing out the junk, throwing away the dead plants, getting out some paint, buying a new coffee machine and toaster and putting up the Zopa hammock I brought in Mexico.

But – I’m sure there’s more we could do. Over to you dear reader – what’s the nicest office you’ve worked in? What made it great? What would you do to the Zopa office to make a more hospitable enviroment?