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Zopa – Now award winning

You might remember a previous post about Zopa being nominated for the Internet Innovation of the Year award at the CNET Networks UK Technology awards.

Well, we only went and won it! 🙂

To quote the judges:

There was little disagreement over the winner for this category. Zopa brings innovation into an area of life that can make the most difference to those who need it most. At first look, the idea of open source banking – eBay for money, it’s been called – seems completely implausible. But a combination of vision, a very strong management team and the right technology has proved that the idea works, and works well. A world first that has almost unlimited potential to change the way money works for people, it’s one to watch.

And here’s the award to prove it. Lovely, isn’t it?

Ops Director Linda and CTO Tim went along to the party last night to pick up the gong. I think they enjoyed themselves.

Now we just need a trophy cabinet!