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The morning after…

Q. What do you get if you take 97 Brahma beers, 8 bottles of wine (the white was better…), 9 big plates tapas, 25 Zopa t-shirts, 6 Zopa people and about 30 Zopa members – and put them all together in a cool bar on London’s south bank?

A. A really great evening! (and a minor hangover the following morning…)

Thanks to everyone who came along last night, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! It was really interesting to talk to so many Zopa members, all of whom had their own reasons for coming to Zopa and trying us out. We got lots of feedback about what we’re doing right and wrong, what people like and don’t like – and I was able to put some faces to familiar names on the discussion board 🙂

I’ve uploaded photos onto Flickr so please feel free to download them if you’d like – a few are below, click through to see the full size versions, or browse the whole set