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It was only a little one (on the way in…)

Slightly silly Friday afternoon post – forgive me, it’s been a hard week.

Thomas (our resident guru of all things technical) made a very intelligent, reasonable and considered comment on Techcrunch this afternoon (Finding the comment is left as an exercise for the reader so as not to spoil Zopa’s good name quote so blatently.)

We’re all expressing our general love and admiration for Thomas when Tom, (yes – the one with the mug below) decides to contribute to the same post in a manner so juvenile and childish that we are, frankly, shocked.

Although we did laugh.

Actually, Tom (not Thomas – important) laughed so much that he swallowed the pen lid that he was chewing on at the time.

It was a Bic™ on the way in.

What it’ll be on the way out is anyone’s guess….