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Top websites of 2006

Well – everyone else seems to be making lists at this time of year, and I’m not one to let a perfectly good bandwagon go past un jumped upon, so….

I just wanted to bring a few websites together that we’ve enjoyed using this year that are nothing whatsoever to do with Zopa – just fun, interesting or useful sites.

For music fans, check out Pandora and – 2 different approaches to the problem of finding new music, and both very cool.

For the Londoner, a couple of essential sites for navigating around the big smoke. Firstly, the Transport for London Journey Planner – an incredibly detailed way of getting from A to B. Secondly, if you’re interested in getting about, and saving the world, check out WalkIt who will tell you exactly how much carbon you’re saving by walking to the pub instead of taking a cab!

For anyone trying hard to get organised, BackPack (for individuals) and Basecamp (for teams) are two fantastic products both from 37 Signals, who are also responsible for the very cool Camp Fire.

A theme of 2006 has been ‘user generated content’, and one of the standard bearers continues to be Threadless – where an ongoing design competition produces some of the coolest t-shirts on the planet. In a similar vein is a company called Spreadshirt where anyone can create a shop (Including Zopa!) and create a range of branded products – go on, buy a Zopa mug!

Finally, for anyone trying to keep up to date in this crazy web 2.0 world, there are only 2 places worth reading.TechCrunch is a blog edited by Michael Arrington that has become the must read guide to everything new in Silicon Valley and beyond. Meanwhile, Techmeme has taken a different approach – an automatically updated page that brings together countless news sources to present a continually updated guide to the web world.


That’s enough for now – hope you find something useful in there and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

The Zopa blog will be back in January!