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New toys

We’re just putting in a new release – which has some long awaited features for lenders.

In ascending order of importance…

Firstly we’ve replaced the existing lending summary screen with a new ‘profit and loss’ screen – called the All Time Lending Summary. This shows all the credits and debits to your account since you started lending at Zopa, along with the total amount you have lent out and received back from your borrowers. This screen combined with the ‘balance sheet’ view of My Zopa Today should give you a complete high level view of your financial standing at Zopa.

Secondly, we’ve introduced a My Statement screen. This screen shows a very detailed breakdown of every single transaction on your account over the last 30 days, and allows you to download calendar months worth of data in CSV format. There are still a few little tweaks to make to this screen, so it’s officially still in beta, but we hope it meets the requests of lenders who have been asking for the most detailed view of what’s going on with their accounts.

Finally, we have Auto Relending – done properly this time! This functionality will allow all Zopa lenders to set up the automatic relending of repayments back into a specified offer. You can choose to relend into any offer that has not been withdrawn, although by default the relending will be activated into any new offer you make. Of course, you can turn it off by going to ‘Current Offers’ and selecting ‘Relend’ from the drop down menu – putting you in control of your repayments.

It’s worth noting that if you turn this feature on, and have more than £10 in your holding account, it won’t immediately relend that money – but the first time a new repayment hits your account it will place the existing holding account balance plus repayment (in multiples of £10) into your selected offer.

Hope you enjoy the new functionality – please report any problems on the discussion board – cheers!