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Now we are two.

“Happy Birthday dear Zopa, happy birthday to us!”

Crikey – was it really 2 years ago that we pushed the button on the Zopa website, and opened it up to lenders and borrowers for the first time?

A quick check of the BBC news site or the Daily Telegraph suggests quite strongly that it was indeed.

That was a mad day – we got far more publicity than we thought we would get – radio, press, online and TV – and we got a little submerged in the flood of visitors to the site, but the site stayed up, and Linda and her team battled through literally thousands of emails and enquiries.

A lot has happened since then (much of which has been recorded on this here blog) – the site has changed beyond all recognition (take a look at what we looked like when we launched, courtesy of the Wayback machine), we’ve launched new markets, new features to help people lend and borrow, opened an affiliate scheme, won an award, opened to up Zopa Powerlenders), and admittedly, screwed up at least once.

We also had to endure the tragic loss of an inspirational leader – Richard Duvall, who died last October. Although this was obviously a huge blow for us, we’re confident that Zopa will continue to grow and succeed both in the UK and internationally, and become a fitting monument to Richard’s vision and leadership.

I’ll finish this little post with a personal thank you to every single Zopa member – you’ve all made something that was once an idea, and then a Powerpoint presentation, into a living, thriving community of lenders and borrowers who are slowly changing the face of finance. We’ve a long way to go, but we’ve made a great start. Thank you.