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to invest or not to…

I know, trite title – bear with me though…

I just joined the team at Zopa. Previously I worked at Interactive Investor. the main focus of my efforts there was to make managing one’s money across a wide variety of investment vehicles as easy as possible.

Zopa, although not technically an investment, is a new and interesting means to achieve a return from your cash. So I want to use what I have learnt about online investing (what the real needs of investors are, what strategies they employ to achieve which objectives, and what amount of time they consider worth investing for what level of return) and apply that to Zopa.

Investing my time in improving versatility, transparency and efficacy as such.

So on that thought I’ll share my night reading with you:

Principles of Reciprocity

The visual phenomenon of Chromostereopsis

Use of design metaphors (Think: what do I do to eject a CD on Mac? or shut down a PC?)

Somewhat foolishly I joined the Zopa team doing the 2007 British 10k race in London on 1st July. So come give us your support and donate to Trust for Africa’s Orphans