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Bit of a catch up

An even more belated blog this time… we’re very naughty we know, but we haven’t ‘alf been busy. So loads to update you on:

We welcomed our 200,000th member a few weeks ago, so where we were once ‘Bigger than Basildon’ we’re more like Brighton now. I’m hunting for my bucket and spade… In looking back, there seems to have been rather a lot of car- and motorbike-purchasing going on with 2000 Zopa loans going to buy some sort of motor, and of course the British obsession with home improvements was hard to ignore with 1200 loans helping to keep all those tradesmen trading…

We’re also rather pleased with ourselves for launching the brand, spanking new Young Market earlier this month. There’s loads more info and nattering about it here on our discussion forum, and we’re dead chuffed that our lovely lenders have been most enthusiastic about it. We’ll be bringing you an interview with our very first Young Borrower soon… The launch got lots of press coverage; a couple of highlights here and here.

And as if that weren’t enough, our Giles’ dulcet tones are to be heard on the Motley Fool site podcast as he and their presenter had a good old chinwag about whether or not Zopa could be better than your bank. We say, "Yes!", but then we would, wouldn’t we!?