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A tsunami

On the back of my last post, we were double pleased with how things were going, but it seems that was nothing! Last Friday saw a veritable tsunami of loan applications coming into Zopa. We had more than twice our usual daily traffic paying us a visit and three times the normal volume of loan applications. We all had to don our metaphorical life-jackets and batten down the hatches for some frenzied underwriting, query answering and tech support.

The source of this flurry appears to have been another Motley Fool article that had been syndicated to Yahoo Finance. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, have a read here.

We’ve been so rushed off our feet, there’s barely been time for a cup of tea, never mind a biscuit! So while the big wave seems to have passed (hooray, we can now eat biscuits!), applications are still coming in thick and fast, and we like it (even if it has required a new biscuit-eating technique).