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Apples and apples?

An interesting article recently published in the Independent reveals some of the workings of the now ubiquitous comparison websites. There’s no doubt that they certainly do provide a service much needed to save us time and from sheer boredom in repeating the same details to each and every provider…yawn! But the issue that David Prosser raises about the varying results is an interesting one; as the number of comparison sites increases and they each produce differing advice, it will surely become necessary for a site to compare the comparison sites!?!

We do use some of these sites to attract new users to Zopa, but fundamentally they just can’t reflect our ever-changing marketplace. Because Zopa is not like anything else in the UK, it’s tricky to fairly compare us to any other provider, especially for the saving and lending side of the business. But that, I guess, is the price we pay for being pioneers!