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Slice of pie chart anyone?

A few weeks ago, we went survey-crazy and asked almost every single one of our members to ‘sock it to us’. Well, when you ask, you get, and I’ve been swimming in pie charts ever since! Fancy a slice?

We learned that borrowers very rarely talk to one another, but that those borrowers who didn’t complete their application for some reason would quite liked to have talked to someone to find out more. Cue: our fabulous new Zopa Ambassadors who I blogged about recently.

We also learned that Lenders and Borrowers at Zopa share a common idealology around empowerment; lenders like the control they have over returns and diversification of risk while borrowers really appreciate the opportunity to make over-payments or repay early with no penalties for doing so. In general, there was a very strong undercurrent of fair play in everyone’s responses. What a jolly nice lot you all are!

In addition, this social lending and borrowing malarkey could definitely be more sociable – the majority of Zopa members told us they’d be interested in hearing more from the real people they’re borrowing and lending with. And who said the British were unfriendly? So we’re mulling over ideas to see how we might facilitate more interaction between the two groups. For example, where a member wants to, they could perhaps update their lenders on how the home improvements are going, or maybe a lender could send a personalised message to a borrower to say thanks for repaying their loan in full. Doesn’t it just make you go all gooey inside? We’ll let you know more on this when we’ve worked out the hows, whens and whats…