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In memory of our co-founder, Richard

Richard Duvall, co-founder and CEO of Zopa died two years ago today from pancreatic cancer. I wasn’t lucky enough to have met him personally, but his impact on anyone who did is clear as they all talk with huge enthusiasm and animation. He was clearly a huge inspiration.

Pancreatic cancer is a silent killer affecting 7,200 people in the UK each year. Zopa is doing what it can to support his widow, Krys, who is working with the various charities and organisations associated with the disease to create a united front and ultimately beat it. They’re hoping to launch a portal for all things related to pancreatic cancer and plan to release a documentary later this year. In the meantime they’ve launched the site with loads of info. Make sure you check out the interesting trailer under the ‘Media’ button too.

We’ll of course bring you further updates of their activties as they happen…