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Have you checked yours?

Thanks to all the recent attention that sub-prime lending has had, people the world over have become increasingly aware of and interested in their own personal credit scores. Technically, you own your own data, but historically, it’s often been handled in a rather cloak and dagger manner.

In general, if you pay all your bills on time and don’t have unsecured debts or access to credit that total a huge propotion of your salary, you’ve probably got a decent rating. But it never hurts to know for sure.

So the current 30-day free trial that Experian are offering, giving you access to your own credit data is handy. Yes, they ask for your credit card details so they can start charging you £6.99 a month after the 30 day trial has ended, but you are of course free to cancel prior to that in order to pay nothing at all – set a reminder in your diary!

We don’t have a relationship with Experian; Zopa uses the Equifax credit bureau, but Equifax aren’t offering a freebie! 😉