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Where are the friendliest Zopa members?

In the last few weeks, Zopa has been doing some very technical, in depth research about its members, using the very latest methods, and wanted to share the results with you:

Zopa’s friendliest members currently come from Darlington. Who knew? The people who do the most interesting things with their loans come from Devon and Cornwall. Must be the sea air. The best spelling and grammar award goes jointly to Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Congrats on excellent usage of apostrophes.

Zopa has also discovered that one of the things that the majority of male lenders would like to see changed at Zopa at some point is that they can’t access their money immediately should they wish to. Interestingly, of the women asked, all of them listed the fact that they couldn’t access the money as a plus point.

Do we have an epidemic of compulsive shopaholic women on our hands?

I’m off now to find out where the most attractive Zopa members come from – it’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it.