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Wanna win £500?

Personally I’ve never found a decent use for the video camera on my mobile phone, but perhaps we’ve got just the thing…

We’re running a competition to find the two best video clips, one for borrowers and one for lenders, that explain how Zopa works nice and simply. To be in with a chance of winning the moolah, all you need to do is film the clip, upload it to YouTube and send the link to us in an email by the end of the month.

It doesn’t need to be a big flash production with makeup, lighting and luvvies, but why not get your mates involved with a stash of Monopoly money? Or perhaps something involving Lego men or those cartooning skills you never knew you had?

We’ve got a bit more info for you here, but suffice it to say that the winning entries will be featured on the Zopa website to help explain what we do to newbies and hopefully used in a bit of PR too (if you’re OK with that).

We look forward to seeing your vids!