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Vote for your favourite

You may have spotted that we were running a member competition over the last couple of months in which we asked our members to create a video explaining how Zopa works for a borrower or for a lender. We were dead impressed with the quality of the videos submitted; thanks to all the great film-makers who participated and made it really tough to choose the winner in each category! After much video-watching and popcorn-munching (any excuse will do!), we decided to award the cash prizes to Dyfed for his borrower vid, and chocmonster for his lender film. We wish them many congratulations and will be featuring their vids on our homepage soon.

But what about all the other great entries? Well this is where you come in. We have a ‘people’s vote’ currently running on our forum where you can vote for your favourite and the winner of this category gets a rather nice bottle of champers. The voting’s getting interesting, so make sure you have your say and press your buttons now!